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AI, Culture- defining technology

The inhouse AI studio of ACE

AI-driven services and solutions to accelerate brands & businesses.

ACE AI Studio

Artificial Intelligence is shaping the new world. Businesses that adapt swiftly today will gain a significant advantage tomorrow. We are here to assist in harnessing this technology to stay ahead of the curve. Discover how AI can be a trusted co-pilot in accelerating the business.

What we do

Rethink brands & businesses with AI


Design Rethinking

In inspiration and co-creation sessions we take teams on a journey into the possibilities of AI. We delve into the current state of AI and its potential value for organizations, ranging from accessible tooling to more advanced use cases.

Visit us

ACE AI Studio
Danzigerkade 15 C
1013AP Amsterdam

+31(0) 202 184 757

Data creativity

AI production

Our teams merge creativity and technology to unlock the full potential of AI. Whether brands aim to accelerate their business, enhance their marketing practices, or require custom tooling to refine their offering, we are here to assist in defining the opportunity and to build tailored solutions.


Team Red

Team Red accelerates businesses by deploying an expert team that explores, disrupts, and innovates existing workflows and touchpoints along the customer journey. Through assessments, Team Red consults, optimizes, and prototypes in collaboration with client teams. Discover how AI can serve as a trusted co-pilot, boosting business processes and output.



New world technology

ACE operates at the intersection of Culture & Tech, and AI is the next big thing. A technological revolution with a profound and lasting impact on society. It will transform how we behave, work and connect. This disruption creates an urgent need for businesses to adapt and stay ahead of the curve.



Get in touch

ACE AI Studio is part of ACE. A modern network of twelve creative and technical agencies with an integrated offering for brands to stay ahead in the new world. ACE. Let’s connect!

Our approach

Design Rethinking

The implementation of AI-based tools can offer a significant advantage. AI development and concepting ask for an iterative process and a pioneering mindset. ACE integrates technology and creativity, merging these two domains across four key phases.

Discovery & ideation

Research and analysis to understand your business and target audience. Through collaborative brainstorming sessions, we generate innovative ideas that align with the desired outcomes.


The creation of functional prototypes of the AI solution to test its core functionalities and user experience. This allows us to gather valuable feedback and make necessary iterations.


Turn ideas into tangible solutions. This involves designing and developing the necessary algorithms, models, and software components to bring the solution to life.

Testing & improving

Test to ensure the solution meets the desired performance standards. This involves evaluating its accuracy, reliability, scalability and feedback based on user testing.


Secure & private infrastructure

We offer brands a secure, private, and scalable infrastructure that facilitates the development, training, and customization of digital tools and models. With our customized models, we operate within a private environment, prioritizing the confidentiality and protection of your business information. Your data is never shared or stored by ChatGPT.

We align our AI practices with (y)our values. In light of the constant evolution of AI technologies, we follow legal and ethical principles to ensure the delivery of reliable and trusted AI solutions.


Responsible practices

Our approach



Meet Missjourney, the world's first AI tool that fights gender bias. The awards winning image generator reached 147 countries and 103 million people. With our network of makers and shapers we create culturally relevant AI-driven campaigns.

Ask Atlas by KLM

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines introduces Ask Atlas, a personalized travel inspiration platform powered by AI. It delivers customized travel recommendations and content, drawing on KLM's extensive travel expertise.

Restyle any home in a few clicks. We’re exploring what AI can do for personalized home decor. With the custom-made AI restyler we’re entering the realm of AI-generated interior styles based on preferred colors, styles and rooms.

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